Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We bring you a selection of our Halloween articles. Check them out!

1. 7 Halloween Costumes for Women

Yippee!!!! Another reason to go shopping and get all dressed up. One day where you also don’t have to hear any complaints about spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. There are about a million ways to get dressed up for Halloween. You can look sexy, pretend to be a bookworm or a nerd for a day or can do almost anything that brings out your fantasies for a day. If you had always wanted to be something and could never be it, this is your chance to live out your dreams and dress up as the person you always wanted to become. Here are a few ideas to dress up for Halloween.

2. 6 Scary Halloween Food Ideas

It is that time of the year when you can truly bring out the inner demons in you and give them shape through your costumes, food, drinks and themed parties. Jokes aside, Halloween is truly a fun time to bond with the family, your friends, the neighbors down the street and perfect strangers. It is also a great time for kids as they go from house to house for trick or treat. If it is for a party or just an intimate family meal let loose your creativity on Halloween by cooking up some of this eerily scary and totally disgusting looking foods.

3. 5 Fun Halloween Party Games

Halloween parties can be great fun if you involve your guests in fun filled exciting games. Depending on the time, energy levels and humor of your guests you can come up with some really crazy games to make the day a very special day for everyone at the party. If you have equal number of adults and children and guests it is always a good idea to separate them and have different games for each group. If you have just adults as guests, then the games can be really scary. After all who does not like to elicit a real good scream from an adult? Here are some ideas for Halloween party games.

4. 5 Cool Halloween Gift Ideas
Gifts are welcome any time of the year. A truly good gift makes you and the receiver happy. And what better time to give a truly memorable gift than Halloween. There is something about Halloween that makes it more exciting than the other holidays- It is either the spooky nature, the general air of creativity or jolly, or just the camederie found in the Halloween parades. If you really want to impress your teen, or your fun loving partner, then this is your chance to pick a really cool gift. If you can make it yourself and put in your personal touch, it will make the gift all the more special. Just take a little care to know what they would really like, before you go about spending your time and money on the gift.

5. 6 Funny Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time when you create some truly hilarious outfits. It does not always have to be scary. This is the time that anything goes and you can walk around dressed like your favorite character or thing or just about anything under the sun. Depending on the availability of time and resources, you can make your costume truly elaborate and funny at the same time. You can either take a funny theme from your favorite series or make a costume that is funny in itself. Here are some ideas to make a funny Halloween costume.

6. 6 Halloween Party Games for Kids
A party will be a real boring affair for a kid if there are no games involved. You can either leave the kids to their own devices or let them come up with different games or you can plan different games to keep them occupied throughout the party. However it is a difficult task to organize games for kids as they get really bored after a while. To stop them from getting bored quickly, make sure you have lot of games planned and each one in interesting and different. Also the games should involve a lot of running in the beginning so their energy levels will be depleted and they will be ready to sleep when it is late.

7. 7 Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids
Although they are kids, they can have some really defined ideas as to what they want as gifts for Halloween. It is always best to ask them what they would like to have as a gift. If that is difficult, then you at least need to know how old they really are as kids can be really sensitive and you have to give them age appropriate gifts. Do not worry even if you go wrong with the gifts, as kids have that remarkable ability to bounce off a disappointment and there are a million other ways you can make them happy. Here are a few Halloween gift ideas for kids.

8. 8 New Halloween Costumes for Kids
There are so many different ways you can dress up your kid this Halloween. You can turn them into scary blood sucking vampires, little devils or cute little animals or flowers. This can also be the one time when kids will willingly let themselves get dressed by you in the most outrageous of costumes. You will also be surprised by their levels of patience as they sit for hours to get made up in case the costumes and make up are really elaborate. There is a chance that if they really like the costume, you can find them wandering about in the same clothes for a long time after Halloween is over.

9. 8 Great Halloween Costumes for Groups
What can be more fun than dressing up your whole family in similar outfits and become the goofy family for once. You can either dress in similar outfits, or take a theme and each person can get a character form that theme. You can also do it with a bunch of friends or colleagues from the office. It could be a great way to bond too as you swap tips and other details that go into making costumes that coordinate with each other. Group costumes are always fun as you will always get the attention when you are out on the street or just about any place you go to.

10. 6 Halloween Costumes for Couples
What better way to celebrate being a couple than being dressed in tandem? You can either dress alike or dressed as a famous couple from a movie or a novel or make people go gaga over the two of you. This is also a time where you get to spend a lot of time with your spouse. On top of everything else, this is a test of your compatibility, on how similar or how different your tastes’ are. Here are a few ideas to dress up as a couple and be on the best dressed list among your family, neighbours and friends.

11. 6 Halloween Costumes for Girls
The best part of having girls is dressing them up and Halloween gives you one more chance to dress them up in their best. It is the time to try out different things and bond with your little girl. Every girl will have their dream character and it is your job to find out and start making a costume or buying them from the store. Here are some ideas to make Halloween costumes for your girl.

12. 5 Halloween Costumes for Boys
Dressing up kids can be fun for Halloween. If you have a boy, it should not be too difficult as they have very set ideas as to what they want to be dressed as. Most of the boys prefer to be dressed as superheroes and the best thing to do would be to find out from them as to what superhero they would like to be dressed as this year and make the costume ready. Most superhero costumes are sold in the stores and it is usually about getting them the right size. Also make sure that the costume comes with the proper devices too as a superhero is never complete without his sidekick and the various gadgets. Here are some ideas for dressing up your boy in a Halloween costume.

13. 5 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers
There is no reason toddlers should be no part of Halloween. Although they really don’t understand the importance of the holiday or the various rituals associated with it, they should definitely be a part of it, if at least to give them a head start on what to expect in their future years. It also is the only possible time when you can dress up your kids the way you want to for as they grow older, they tend to form their opinions and develop their own tastes. Toddlers in their costumes will also look cute. If it is even possible they will look cuter than they actually are. Here are a few ideas to make costumes for toddlers.

14. 6 Halloween Costumes for Twins
If kids are wonders of nature, then twins can easily be called the miracles of nature. It is hard for people not to stare at them even on normal occasions. If you dress them up for Halloween, there is no guarantee that you can stop people from outright gawking at them. You can dress them up in similar costumes or you can dress them up as complete opposites. If you have identical twins, you can dress them up in the exact clothes and make people confused. Here are some very cool ways in which you can dress up twins.

15. 15 Funny Halloween Quotes

There is a nip in the air which is like scary! So, Halloween is here again to scare people all around. Some get fearful by spooky things around while others are funny in their own way. If you also like to do some funny things, then here are some funny Halloween quotes you must read.

16. 9 Fun Facts about Halloween
There are always some interesting often overlooked facts about an event. Most of us know the actual details but there are always some quirky facts about a holiday or a person that never makes it big. Like any other holiday, Halloween too is filled with fun facts and quirky details that will make your socks blow off. Here are some fun facts about the big bad spooky holiday.

17. 8 Traditional Halloween Recipes
Halloween these days have become all about sugary treats and colorful candies. But originally Halloween was a day to celebrate the traditional autumn harvest. Halloween falls two days before the all saints feast and as hard as it to imagine, the traditional Halloween fare was vegetarian with no meat involved. Here are some traditional Halloween recipes that are easy to make and that which will keep your family away from those calorie filled treats.

18. 4 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

There are so many reasons as to why you would want a last minute Halloween costume. You could have been caught up with work and other affairs that you would have either forgotten or would not have had time for it. Your kid might change his or her mind on the last minute and refuse to wear a costume that you had either bought or painstakingly made. It could also be because you have changed your mind in the last few days and have decided to go to the Halloween party after all. No matter what your reasons are here are some ideas to make that last minute costume for Halloween. You need not fret as anything will go on Halloween’s Day as long as it is spooky, original and interesting.

19. Top 6 Halloween Songs
Whether you are throwing a kids party, a party for teenagers or a party for your friends and colleague, no Halloween party is complete without the perfect Halloween playlist. And thanks to our wonderful musicians over the years, we have a long list of songs and videos that are suited perfectly for the occasion. The Halloween songs range from funny, creepy to nausea inducing for some. Whatever your taste and that of your listeners, there is always a few songs you can come up with to play on Halloween Day. If you can come up with songs from other countries that sound and look creepy, you will also stand out. Here are some of the top Halloween songs of all times.

20. 7 Halloween Activities for Kids
Halloween is just around the corner, so are your kids excited to celebrate the occasion with awesome activities? Halloween is the time when your kids can be creative and do activities which make them happy all along. Here are some fun activities for your kids.

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