7 Halloween Activities for Kids

7 Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, so are your kids excited to celebrate the occasion with awesome activities? Halloween is the time when your kids can be creative and do activities which make them happy all along. Here are some fun activities for your kids.

1. Halloween snacks

If your kids love eating, then enjoy making some Halloween snacks with them. Make some cute zombie cupcakes along with them. The base of the cup cake would be same, just decorate the cupcakes using your creativity to make it look scary. Your kids would surely love this part. Also, make some cheese scary white rolls with red sauce to make it look scarier.

2. Jacko lanterns

If craft is what excites your kids, then make some Jacko and pumpkin lanterns with them. All you need is some orange papers and some glow stickers. Tell them to draw pumpkins on the card papers and cut it along. Now, hang them on the thread to make them look like cool Halloween lanterns. Make their eyes look spooky by using some glow stickers on it.

3. Bat mask

Make a bat mask along with your kids for the Halloween party. You need a black card paper for this. Now, draw it along using a marker. Tell your kids to cut the bat properly. Tell them to leave the eye portion of the mask. Tell them to make it look spooky by adding some glow stickers. Your kids would love to make their mask for the party for sure.

4. A super costume

Make a super gadget costume for your kids. Make a phone or computer costume for fun. Get a card board box to start with. Now, with the help of a card paper, draw the image of the phone or computer. Cut this along and stick it on the board box. Tell your kids to complete the look by being creative with their costume. Tell them to make a matching hat along with this.

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