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April Fool's Day Movies 0

April Fool’s Day Movies

April fool’s day is a time to make some fun, play pranks and get the best out of tricks. Well, do you know there are many movies that also make us realize the importance...

Why Celebrate April Fool's Day 0

Why Celebrate April Fool’s Day

If you love to celebrate the April fool’s day, then you must also know the reasons for that celebration. Why is it the official day to play a prank on people? Why people make...

April Fool's Day Facts 0

April Fool’s Day Facts

Do you know that April fool’s day is an official day when you can make fun of people? Let us take a look at some interesting facts about April fool’s day. Read on to...

Where Did April Fool's Day Come From 0

Where Did April Fool’s Day Come From

There are many theories that state the reasons for celebrating the April fool’s day. But, there is no significant proof as why it is truly celebrated in time. Are you aware where did April...

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8 St. Patrick’s Day Movies to Watch

St. Patrick’s Day is observed on the 17th of March every year and is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated by the catholic church, the Anglican church, Lutherans and the Eastern orthodox church and... SteveFE 0

5 St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

Are you scouting for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas? There are several you can find online and many you can customize to host a party that will be remembered for a long time. A...

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5 Creative Ways to Propose Your Beloved

Whether it is simply asking out that person, or proposing to him for marriage, proposals always need to be special and memorable. It is those few moments of excitement and emotions that are cherished...