4 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

4 Last-Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

There are so many reasons as to why you would want a last minute Halloween costume. You could have been caught up with work and other affairs that you would have either forgotten or would not have had time for it. Your kid might change his or her mind on the last minute and refuse to wear a costume that you had either bought or painstakingly made. It could also be because you have changed your mind in the last few days and have decided to go to the Halloween party after all. No matter what your reasons are here are some ideas to make that last minute costume for Halloween. You need not fret as anything will go on Halloween’s Day as long as it is spooky, original and interesting.

1. Dress up in your husband’s suit and go out as a mobster

If you cannot think of anything and you have absolutely no time to buy or come up with a costume, you can borrow a suit from your husband, don a hat and a tie, possibly hold a unlighted cigar and pass off for a mobster. DO not forget the slicked back hair. As long as you can fit into his suits, this cannot go wrong and you will be a hot, sexy mobster. You might even scare your husband into doing a thing or two to your liking in that costume and the spirit of the day.

2. If you have a few hour and some paper and extra cloth, you can nail a witch costume

If you have a few hours and have some black cloth and paper, you can very easily make a witch’s costume. If you get the cape right, the rest would be a breeze. And really you can pair any black flowy dress with the hat and you are done for the day. If you have a broom ready, it’s great, but you really do not have to be too fussy about a broom these days.

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