5 Reasons Why White Bread Is Bad for You

5 Reasons Why White Bread Is Bad for You

However tasty it might be, but white bread is best not eaten because in spite of looking so fresh and tasting so good, there are plenty of things that would be reason enough for you to quit eating white bread altogether. Listed below are the 5 major reasons why you must quit eating white bread.

1. It contains too much salt

White bread alone contains so much salt that just by having a sandwich or some toasts can exceed the average permitted amount of salt intake in the human body. Though the high salt content makes it tastier, the ill effects are drastic and can eventually cause several illnesses.

2. It contains too many chemicals

White bread contains lots of manmade chemicals used during its processing. Also, the flour used in the making of white bread is bleached with chemicals like potassium bromate, chlorine dioxide gas and benzoyl peroxide. All these chemicals give the bread that extra white look which we enjoy so much and what makes its taste so appealing.

3. It has high glycemic index

White bread has a high glycemic index or GI. A food with high GI drastically increases your blood sugar rendering the body producing more amounts of insulin than needed. Insulin is a hormone that regulates fat metabolism in the body. More than enough insulin in the body does not allow fat to burn, causing unwanted weight gain and accumulation of fats.

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