6 Scary Halloween Food Ideas

6 Scary Halloween Food Ideas

It is that time of the year when you can truly bring out the inner demons in you and give them shape through your costumes, food, drinks and themed parties. Jokes aside, Halloween is truly a fun time to bond with the family, your friends, the neighbors down the street and perfect strangers. It is also a great time for kids as they go from house to house for trick or treat. If it is for a party or just an intimate family meal let loose your creativity on Halloween by cooking up some of this eerily scary and totally disgusting looking foods.

1. Body parts in blood

This one is truly disgusting to look at although the same cannot be said of the taste… It is made up of sweet potatoes and sauce of your choice. Since the sauce needs to look like blood, you do not have much choice but to go with tomato sauce or cranberry sauce. If you really have the time, shape the set potatoes into body parts, at least a crude shape should be enough to make the dish truly spooky.

2. Brainy jelly

Brains don’t look good from any angle, and it could be just the right dish for Halloween. All you have to do is buy those brain shaped moulds from the sore and make a jelly custard dish. You can imagine a shaking jelly and the skin-lookalike custard. You really need to have a strong heart to gobble down these small brains. Kids will love it though. The grassier the dish looks, the more they would love it.

3. Severed fingers

Going along with the body theme, your starter can be the severed fingers. Fried sausages with onions and bell peppers make up this dish, but to bring a truly disgusting look, you need a little creativity and the right placement of onions on top of the sausages. Use the grease to draw lines on the sausages for that realistic effect.

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