8 Traditional Halloween Recipes

8 Traditional Halloween Recipes

Halloween these days have become all about sugary treats and colorful candies. But originally Halloween was a day to celebrate the traditional autumn harvest. Halloween falls two days before the all saints feast and as hard as it to imagine, the traditional Halloween fare was vegetarian with no meat involved. Here are some traditional Halloween recipes that are easy to make and that which will keep your family away from those calorie filled treats.

1. Pumpkin

No Halloween is complete without Pumpkins. Whether it is ornamental pumpkins or pumpkins that can be cooked, pumpkins are definitely a part of Halloween. Pumpkins are a versatile food and you can make so many things like pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, roast and pumpkin cakes. Add a little cheese to your soup if you children do not like pumpkin soup. The cheese always does the trick.

2. Corn

Corn is also another vegetable that is typically associated with Halloween. You can either make popcorns and season them with salt and sugar and keep it real simple or make baked corns and corn soups. Roasted sweet corn is also a traditional Halloween dish that is usually made at the fireside.

3. Apples

Apple is another ingredient without which a traditional Halloween meal would be incomplete. You can make apple pies, baked apples or apple candies which are the most popular Halloween treats.

4. Colcannon

It is an Irish dish made from potatoes, Kale , butter and onions. Traditionally it was made around Halloween to find out if you would get married in the near future. Charms were hidden in the dish and a girl who found the charm would hang a sock full of colcannon outside their door. The man who first passes through the door was the chosen one.

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