6 Halloween Costumes for Twins

6 Halloween Costumes for Twins

If kids are wonders of nature, then twins can easily be called the miracles of nature. It is hard for people not to stare at them even on normal occasions. If you dress them up for Halloween, there is no guarantee that you can stop people from outright gawking at them. You can dress them up in similar costumes or you can dress them up as complete opposites. If you have identical twins, you can dress them up in the exact clothes and make people confused. Here are some very cool ways in which you can dress up twins.

1. Peas in a pod

You can dress up your twins as two little peas. Or if you are one of the twin, you can also don a green suit and stick some green balls and pretend to be one pod of the pea, while your twin can have another ball and pretend to be the other one

2. Jekyll and Hyde

They both are the same person in books and shows, but how do you bring them out in real life? One of the twins can be Jekyll, while the other can be dressed up as Hyde. Since there is no actual dress code for both, you can let your creative juices flow.

3. Mickey and Minnie mouse

If you have fraternal twins, or if you are one half of fraternal twins, Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse can be great costumes. Apart from these two, there are a whole lot of Disney characters to choose from.

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