7 Halloween Costumes for Women

7 Halloween Costumes for Women

Yippee!!!! Another reason to go shopping and get all dressed up. One day where you also don’t have to hear any complaints about spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. There are about a million ways to get dressed up for Halloween. You can look sexy, pretend to be a bookworm or a nerd for a day or can do almost anything that brings out your fantasies for a day. If you had always wanted to be something and could never be it, this is your chance to live out your dreams and dress up as the person you always wanted to become. Here are a few ideas to dress up for Halloween.

1. Hooters waitress

Not everyone can become a hooters waitress if you are not well endowed in that region. Come Halloween and you can stuff your bra as much as you want and become a make believe hooters waitress. Just be prepared to face the cat calls and the whistles that are sure to come along your way.

2. Sexy bartender

Not all bartenders are sexy, nor do they have to be. But a sexy bartender is a man’s dream. Wear a low cut blouse; walk around with mugs and bottles and some tight jeans. You can get caught on the street with bottles and can get away with it, by telling the cops that you are dressed as the sexy bartender.

3. Biker chic

All attitude, some major moves and leather. Bring out the hot leather pants, the sexy jackets and the boots. Bring along a guy with a great bike and you will be a great biker chic to look at.

4. Princess

One of the oft repeated costumes for every Halloween, but a girl needs to be a princess at least once in her life. Go crazy with ribbons, pinks and frills to become the true princess.

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