5 Fun Halloween Party Games

5 Fun Halloween Party Games

Halloween parties can be great fun if you involve your guests in fun filled exciting games. Depending on the time, energy levels and humor of your guests you can come up with some really crazy games to make the day a very special day for everyone at the party. If you have equal number of adults and children and guests it is always a good idea to separate them and have different games for each group. If you have just adults as guests, then the games can be really scary. After all who does not like to elicit a real good scream from an adult? Here are some ideas for Halloween party games.

1. Hide and seek

This is a normal game that has been played for ages. But to make it a Halloween special and have it real spooky you need to turn out the lights in the house. Fill the house with real scary music and light effects. It will be a delight to hear the terrified screams of people when they are found out. To add to the effect, you can make your guests wear some really scary masks or props like a hand or a leg.

2. Musical chair

Also another usual party game, but there a so many different ways you can make it a Halloween special. You can replace the normal chairs with kiddie chairs, or have really low chairs with a leg loose. Not only will the guests have to squeeze in to get into their chairs, there will also be some hilarious falls. Just make sure that the ground is well padded so the guests do not hurt themselves.

3. Ghost stories

This can sound like a game for the kids, but this can be as enjoyable for the adults too. You will be surprised to hear that adults are no slouches when it comes to swapping some very interesting and scary ghost stories. Almost everyone has a ghost story to tell. If not a ghost story, they will have equally interesting and scary real life encounters to talk about.

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