7 Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids

7 Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids

Although they are kids, they can have some really defined ideas as to what they want as gifts for Halloween. It is always best to ask them what they would like to have as a gift. If that is difficult, then you at least need to know how old they really are as kids can be really sensitive and you have to give them age appropriate gifts. Do not worry even if you go wrong with the gifts, as kids have that remarkable ability to bounce off a disappointment and there are a million other ways you can make them happy. Here are a few Halloween gift ideas for kids.

1. Soft toys

It is always a safe bet to buy soft toys for kids. Only for Halloween they will no longer be those cuddly cute looking soft toys. They can be cute little monsters instead. Or it can be a soft toy of their favorite Halloween character.

2. Little replicas of witches and other Halloween characters

Another great option for kids can be little replicas or collectibles of witches, goblins and other scary Halloween characters. These can be gifted to kids who are a little older, so they will start collecting them and also know about the importance of the gift.

3. Halloween Costumes

You can take the kid out shopping and let them decide on what costume they would like to wear. If it is your kid, then you can listen to them and design the costume yourself. Whatever way you decide to do it, a costume would make a great gift for this Halloween.

4. Painting kits

If the kids have a creative bend then you can gift them painting kits. The kits come with paints and also coloring books. Although it makes for a great gift, you need to be careful that the kids do not end up making your wall as their canvas. But all said and done, it is a great gift to encourage their artistic talents.

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  1. JustJoannie says:

    I really like the soft toys idea! I am thinking about possibly getting my son some of those overstuffed happy feet slippers if they have them in his size. Have you ever seen them before? They come in all different types of little animals and are absolutely adorable!

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