3 Signs You Are Emotionally Unavailable

3 Signs You Are Emotionally Unavailable

Been in and out of relationships to often? Left alone sitting on your couch on a Saturday night? Killing time alone at a coffee shop? Spending too much time at work or in a book shop? If all or one or two of the above are happening to you and you are pinning it down on your boyfriends, friends family etc., then you are probably emotionally unavailable. The problem could be within you. Here are few symptoms that indicate you are emotionally unavailable.

1. Saying No becomes a habit

If you are in a phase where you practically say a no for every plan your friends or family make, if you come up with the most mundane excuses like I am tired, watching something interesting on TV, have a workout session, not in the mood for this etc., you are most definitely an emotionally unavailable person. Also, if you make plans and back out at the last minute, then that is another indicator that you want to be alone.

2. Relationship Dilemmas

Let us say you are dating a guy and also are happy being with him. His company makes you laugh and release your stress. But the moment he tries to get intimate with you or takes a personal step like introducing you to his family and friends or talk about your personal life you take a step back. You don’t want to get into those sort of discussions. This shows that you are currently emotionally unavailable. This situation could also happen with friends. The moment someone gets to know you better, the moment someone takes their friendship with you on a close level, you tend to increase the distance. Also you may tend to keep a lot of friends and hang out with all of them so that you can avoid getting close and personal with any one in particular.

3. Other fixations

So that you don’t have to connect with others emotionally, you get addicted to other activities. You spend most of your time either at office or reading or surfing, and use these as excuses not to meet people. You get into relationships with guys only for sexual benefits so that there is not much talking and connecting. Also you tend to find faults with yourself and people around you. So if you find yourself engaging in a good or bad fixation for a long time, then you are emotionally unavailable.

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