5 Dangers of Dating a Married Man

5 Dangers of Dating a Married Man

Most women don’t date married men. But some do end up being the “other woman” in a relationship. But lets not typecast; or debate over what to call them. There are far more serious issues involved in a toxic triangle of man, wife and the lady love. There are heart-breaking consequences. Be aware of at least five dangers of dating a married man.

1. You’ll never be able to have a healthy relationship

No matter how much you are in love, he’ll never be able to give that emotional and practical sense of well being that comes with a healthy relationship. There’ll always be issues. He had a fight with his wife, his wife is demanding too much money, and many many more. And sooner than you realize you will end up being the bean bag where he collapses to forget his issues – a recreation, an escape from his unhappy marriage. This may give you a sense of power/affection initially, but soon you’ll tire having to act like a constant caregiver of sorts. Also, what about your own emotional needs? Can you turn to a man for support who cannot resolve his own problems?

2. He will never leave his wife

It’s been six months in the relationship and he still hasn’t left his wife. Months roll back into years and he still doesn’t seem to get rid of the “horrible woman” he is so tired of. Think. Think with your mind. He will give you compelling excuses and your heart will melt. But you’ll forever be the “other woman” in the relationship. No matter how much he likes to be in your company he’ll always choose his wife and family over you.

3. The lies and half truths will leave you drained

Most women in such a relationship are shocked when they actually meet the wife. She doesn’t look as annoying or selfish as described by your lover. Fact is you are only getting a partial perspective of what actually transpires between the couple. Consider the countless lies he has to tell his wife to cover up his relationship with you. Now, every relationship has its ups and downs. It’s better to deal with it by being up front than cheating. Imagine how he might behave when your relationship with him hits a wall.

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