6 Funny Ideas for Halloween Costumes

6 Funny Ideas for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time when you create some truly hilarious outfits. It does not always have to be scary. This is the time that anything goes and you can walk around dressed like your favorite character or thing or just about anything under the sun. Depending on the availability of time and resources, you can make your costume truly elaborate and funny at the same time. You can either take a funny theme from your favorite series or make a costume that is funny in itself. Here are some ideas to make a funny Halloween costume.

1. A gigantic walking condom

It can be funny and you can also make a good statement about safe sex when you walk around dressed like giant condom. All you need is a transparent cloth and some ribbons and pins. Cut out some holes for your nose and eyes and you are good to go. Bunch up on top of your head to give it that authentic look.

2. Cross dressing

It can be great fun, especially with huge fake boobs and butts. You can add a few more boobs or an extra butt to give yourself the alien look. You can wear a body suit and paint these body parts on top or just stuff yourself with foam or other stuff to give the bouncy effect.

3. Couch potato

If you are a couch potato and are not ashamed of the fact, then you can dress up as a potato. It would be funnier if you also attached a small foam couch to your butt. It would be literally making up the word couch potato, but as long as you are comfortable, you can definitely carry off this look.

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