8 Great Halloween Costumes for Groups

8 Great Halloween Costumes for Groups

What can be more fun than dressing up your whole family in similar outfits and become the goofy family for once. You can either dress in similar outfits, or take a theme and each person can get a character form that theme. You can also do it with a bunch of friends or colleagues from the office. It could be a great way to bond too as you swap tips and other details that go into making costumes that coordinate with each other. Group costumes are always fun as you will always get the attention when you are out on the street or just about any place you go to.

1. Dress like the Simpsons

The Simpsons make for a safe and hilarious bet when you want to dress up as a group. The one who gets homer will be the luckiest and Bart could certainly go to the most mischievous person in the group.

2. The Adams family

The Adams family is also a great idea. The best thing about this theme is that they also go very well with the Halloween day. The creepy makeup, the hand, the long hair and uncle fester all should give you a lot of work to get dressed up.

3. Avatar

Go all blue this Halloween with an avatar theme for your group. If you are really brave, then you can wear a bikini and just paint yourself blue and walk around. Carry something warm as you are bound to get cold after a while.

4. The ninjas

Dress up as the four very animated and active ninjas. You can also execute as few moves as you walk along the street. You also get to choose the weapons. Just be careful you don’t hurt yourself or others when you are executing your super cool moves.

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