6 Halloween Costumes for Girls

6 Halloween Costumes for Girls

The best part of having girls is dressing them up and Halloween gives you one more chance to dress them up in their best. It is the time to try out different things and bond with your little girl. Every girl will have their dream character and it is your job to find out and start making a costume or buying them from the store. Here are some ideas to make Halloween costumes for your girl.

1. Princess

Not to be gender specific, but a lot of girls want to be a princess when they are given a choice to get dressed up. You will need a cute little pink dress, a lot of glitter, a crown and a wand. You can also opt for matching shoes. You can either go for pink or any other color that is your girl’s favourite.

2. Fairytale character

You can dress your girl as any one of the fairytale characters. It could be Cinderella, rapunzel, snow white or any of the hundreds of fairytale characters. They will look heavenly and cute.

3. Little flowers

You can also dress your little girl as the flower of your choice or hers. You can make it like a bonnet and place it on top of her head or you can make a body suit in the ahe of a flower. If you two make it together, it will one of the best times you two get to spend together.

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