Top 6 Halloween Songs

Top 6 Halloween Songs

Whether you are throwing a kids party, a party for teenagers or a party for your friends and colleague, no Halloween party is complete without the perfect Halloween playlist. And thanks to our wonderful musicians over the years, we have a long list of songs and videos that are suited perfectly for the occasion. The Halloween songs range from funny, creepy to nausea inducing for some. Whatever your taste and that of your listeners, there is always a few songs you can come up with to play on Halloween Day. If you can come up with songs from other countries that sound and look creepy, you will also stand out. Here are some of the top Halloween songs of all times.

1. Michael Jackson’s thriller

No Halloween playlist will be complete without thriller finding a place in it. It is good for a kid’s party as well as adults. Although it looks poorly made compared to the graphics we see these days, it still remains a timeless Halloween classic as it has all the elements of a spooky video. You would be surprised at the number of thriller rehashes around the world.

2. Dragula by Rob Zombie

Dragula by Rob Zombie is also one of the top Halloween songs. The fact that Rob is also an acclaimed horror movie maker makes it good. Although it came out in the late 90’s,it is still a great song that can be played on Halloween day.

3. Somebody’s Watching me by Rockwell

It is a spooky song about having to look over your shoulders because you think somebody is constantly watching you. The good thing about this song is that Michael Jackson lent his support and voice to it and that makes it all the more special.

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