8 New Halloween Costumes for Kids

8 New Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are so many different ways you can dress up your kid this Halloween. You can turn them into scary blood sucking vampires, little devils or cute little animals or flowers. This can also be the one time when kids will willingly let themselves get dressed by you in the most outrageous of costumes. You will also be surprised by their levels of patience as they sit for hours to get made up in case the costumes and make up are really elaborate. There is a chance that if they really like the costume, you can find them wandering about in the same clothes for a long time after Halloween is over.

1. A bug

How cute would it be to dress up your little one like a bug? The more colorful the bug, the cuter the kid. You can make headband with antennas. You can also make those compound eyes or make the kids wear some real cool huge glasses. Lady bugs are an all time favorite.

2. A little devil

A little devil complete with the horns, tail and the pitchfork is also a very cute idea for a Halloween costume. If the kid is mischievous by nature, there is no telling what all they can do when dressed up as the little devil.

3. Dennis the menace

If the kid is truly a menace and does naughty stuff all the time, then there can be no costume more fitting than that of Dennis the menace. You can send them with their grandfather to include Uncle Walter in the picture too. The kids can bond with their grandparents this way.

4. Lisa or Bart

The yellow bodies little munchkins who are a favorite for everyone. The head could be a little tricky, but it would be a dream coming true if you can get the costume right. It is not every day that you can see your favorite cartoon characters come to life.

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