5 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

5 Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

There is no reason toddlers should be no part of Halloween. Although they really don’t understand the importance of the holiday or the various rituals associated with it, they should definitely be a part of it, if at least to give them a head start on what to expect in their future years. It also is the only possible time when you can dress up your kids the way you want to for as they grow older, they tend to form their opinions and develop their own tastes. Toddlers in their costumes will also look cute. If it is even possible they will look cuter than they actually are. Here are a few ideas to make costumes for toddlers.

1. Little bunnies

Fluffy white bunnies are the heights of cuteness, especially when you dress up your toddler in it. There is an added advantage to dressing up your toddler in a bunny costume; it helps to keep him or her warm. The only downside is that the white dress can get dirty real quick and you have to constantly keep wiping it to get rid of whatever they spill on it.

2. Little toddler devils

We call them little devils for all their naughty behaviour. Why not take it a little farther and dress them up as little devils? They can have their own small horns and an adorable little tail. Devils never looked more enchanting. It is also quite easy to fall under their devilish charms.

3. Teddy bears

Of all the stuffed animals you had ever had in life, your toddler dressed as a teddy bear would come first in your life. It would be pure delight to just hold them up dressed as teddy bears and take millions of pictures with them. You can also pick the color you want. You can either go on a gender basis, pink for girls and blue for boys or be gender neutral and go with the usual brown.

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