9 Fun Facts about Halloween

Fun Facts about Halloween

There are always some interesting often overlooked facts about an event. Most of us know the actual details but there are always some quirky facts about a holiday or a person that never makes it big. Like any other holiday, Halloween too is filled with fun facts and quirky details that will make your socks blow off. Here are some fun facts about the big bad spooky holiday.

1. According to tradition there are chances that you might turn into a witch on Halloween night

And no you don’t turn into a witch if someone casts a spell on you or if you are able to cast a spell on someone. Tradition says that if you wear your clothes inward out and walk backwards during Halloween night there are chances that you might turn into a witch.

2. Pumpkins were not always the mascots for Halloween

In fact the first jack-o-lanterns were made of turnip. Pumpkins for Halloween only made their entrance later on and have since become the most favorite vegetable of the holiday.

3. Some people are actually scare of Halloween

And there is even a name for people with a fear of Halloween. It is called Samhainophobia. It must be pretty difficult for people with Samhainophobia to come out during Halloween or put up with the preparations.

4. Halloween is the most commercially profitable holiday after Christmas

Companies and television networks make more money during Halloween and it is second to only Christmas when it comes to profit making. It is no wonder as there are an obscene number of pumpkins sold and money made through advertisements and sale of costumes and candies.

5. Jack-o-Lantern has an Irish legend

According to Irish legend Jack-o-Lantern were named so after a stingy Irish man who tricked the devil one too many times. He was banished from both hell and heaven and was forced to walk the earth with a lantern tempting people to go away from their paths.

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