5 Snacks Under 100 Calories That you Can Munch On

5 Snacks Under 100 Calories That you Can Munch On

For those of you who want to stay lean, slim and sexy, eating anything may seem to be a tough task. You are afraid that every food item you pick up may add numerous amounts of calories to your body and may make you fat. You may constantly be in search of food under 100 calories that will also aid you to lose weight. In order to help you choose wisely, we have listed 5 food items that are under 100 calories so that you don’t have to worry while eating them.

1. Apples

An apple just has 80 calories. It also helps to lose weight. It is easy to carry around and very convenient to eat. So the next time you want to munch on something, bite into a medium sized juicy apple.

2. Peaches

Another fruit, which is delicious, energizing as well as low in calories, is peach. It is found that a large peach has only about 65 calories thus ensuring that it is a food item under 100 calories and can help you lose weight as well.

3. Almonds

Unsalted and unbuttered almonds make a great snack. But, do not indulge too much. Studies have shown that 12-14 almonds will contribute to around 98 calories. These are also easy to pack and carry with you.

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