Top 5 Food Festivals Of The World

Top 5 Food Festivals Of The World

Have you ever thought that there are some great food festivals happening around the world, even as you read this? Visiting great restaurants is surely exciting. But the vibe of a live festival with buzzing stalls, concerts and people from across the globe, is a different experience altogether. Check out a few amazing food festivals around the world.

1. Taste of Chicago, USA

Did you know that Taste of Chicago is the largest food festival in the world? All the restaurants in Chicago get together for a week until the 4th of July to celebrate the great culinary delights of the Windy City. You could also enjoy musical concerts and amusement rides as you take a bite.

2. The International White Truffle Festival, Italy

This is one elusive food festivals in the world, friends. Not only because the white truffle of Italy is one of the most expensive foods of the world, but also because very few people around the world know how to use it. As you would expect, chefs from across the world love hopping over to savor some great truffle oil, creams, butters and pastes. Did you know that high quality truffles are even auctioned here?

3. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Australia

Melbourne is the food and cultural destination of the Pacific region. Apart from great foods, this festival promotes chefs, wines, organic produce and much more. We’re very tempted to visit this beautiful city not only for its sights but also for this lovely fest.

4. Hokitika’s Wildfood Festival, New Zealand

If you assumed this food fest was wild and wacky, you got it right. Located in the beautiful South Island’s Hokitika Port, you’ll get to sample some extreme foods like wasp larvae ice cream, whiskey sausages, Stallion’s semen and ice teas made out of cow’s colostrums. We’re positively speechless.

5. The Salon du Chocolat, France

Weren’t you waiting for a chocolate food festival to show up on this list? Here it is friends. To sample exotic and unique variations of chocolate, a visit to this festival is a must. Would you like seeing models strut the runway wearing chocolate? Then visit the Salon. The best thing about this festival is that it’s kids friendly.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity with these awesome food festivals and if your mouths are already watering, it is a clear signal that you need to go and attend them. Fulfill your gastronomical desires.

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