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6 Facts You must Know About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease in which the bone density reduces as one ages leading to easy fractures. Women are more likely to be affected by osteoporosis than men and the chances of...

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10 Super Tips for Staying Healthy in Summer

Summer is a delight – the sun, the warmth, the colors and the clothes. A respite from the cruel winter is what summer brings. But along with it comes certain other troubles. Here are...

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Health Benefits Of Dancing

According to researchers dance is the most effective way to keep your body slim and fit. It is the best form of exercise. It increases stamina, flexibility, removes stress and makes you feel more...

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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Dancing

Dancing is fun. This alone might be taken for one of its major health benefits. When we have healthy fun, we improve our health. However, besides being fun, dancing has other benefits to offer...

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8 Tips to Stay Energetic All the Time

In the present day scenario, we have to struggle for a lot of things like earning a living, becoming successful and many more things. To keep that fight going, it is really important to...

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6 Awesome Tips for a Smooth Delivery

The emotions and cravings that a pregnant women experience is something everyone cannot understand. This is the one moment in her life where she is willing to go through all the pain just to...

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9 Tips to Feel Confident About Getting Intimate Again

Sometimes a couple lose the chemistry which bounded them together. This can happen because of hectic lifestyles or various other reasons. One of the most common reasons behind this is a relationship getting older....

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6 Simple Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk

Cancer is a curse. There is no other way to put it! The kind of pain and suffering it causes to the one who is malignant and also to his/her loved ones is indescribable....