5 Ways To Get A Flat Stomach

5 Ways To Get A Flat Stomach

If you’re searching for tips to get a flat stomach, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Liz, a 34-year old mother, had decided early this year that she wanted to lose the flab from the one problem area on her body, her stomach. Liz shares her top 5 tips to get a flat stomach with us and tells us how her flat abs are now the envy of her friends.

1. Metabolism matters

The first tip on how to get a flat stomach that Liz had warned us of was to understand that your metabolism plays a big part in your effort to reduce the flab on your stomach. “Metabolism, in simple words, is the rate at which your body will burn calories. This rate depends on a lot of things including your routine, exercise regimen, the foods you eat and your genes. I know you can’t control your genes, but you can boost your metabolism by leading an active lifestyle and doing things other than sitting on the couch and watching TV”, said Liz.

2. Don’t indulge in crash diets

“Contrary to what you may think, crash diets which make you starve all day long are not my solutions on getting a flat stomach. Rather, I went on making active diet choices which meant eating whole grain bread, whole meal pasta, brown rice, low fat yogurt, lean meats and other low fat dairy products”, said Liz. She believes in having a wholesome and healthy diet plan rather than going on crash diets which may upset your body processes.

3. Crunches are not the be all and end all of a flat stomach

Although crunches were a vital part of her exercise regime, Liz mentioned that they were not her only weapon against the flab on her tummy. “The best exercise tip on how to get a flat stomach is to use different types of exercises to lose flab on the tummy. Crunches must be your core workout, but you must also include other exercises which work on your obliques, love handles and portions just below your upper chest”, said Liz. Her favorite exercises for the stomach were crunches, reverse crunches, dumbbell side bends for the obliques, side crunches and leg lifts for her lower abdomen.

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