5 Interesting Things to Know About Cholestrol

5 Interesting Things to Know About Cholestrol

The minute we hear the word ‘cholesterol’, we tend to associate it with something negative. Images of fried food dripping with oil and heart attacks start playing around in our head. Well if you think you already know everything about this now-very-common-problem in people, then voila! Here are 6 interesting facts to know about cholesterol.

1. Your own body produces cholesterol

Contrary to the popular belief that cholesterol only gets stored in the body through fatty food, cholesterol is also produced by the body as per requirement. Apart from this, the rest of the cholesterol comes from the food we consume.

2. It’s not just in the oily stuff

You may think that only avoiding oily and fatty food can keep you miles away from cholesterol. However, that is not true. Since cholesterol is produced by the liver of animals, therefore it is inevitably present in all animal-based products such as milk, eggs and meat, which can act as catalysts in raising your cholesterol levels even if they themselves may not have any cholesterol in them.

3. Cholesterol is a healing agent

If you notice a rise in your cholesterol levels post a surgery, then the reason for that is quite simple. Cholesterol soars up in our body during an infection or after a heart attack as it is also a healing agent that helps regenerating cells in our body.

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