5 Refreshing Summer Drinks

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In summers, you tend to feel thirsty all the time due to dehydration. To prevent dehydration, try sipping summer drinks. Summer drinks can cool your body and also quench your thirst. Listed below are some refreshing summer drinks you can make yourself, read on.

1. Fruit punch

Fruit punch is an ideal summer drink, as it provides a cooling respite to the body. Mix a cup of passion fruit juice with pineapple juice. Mix this well, now add one fourth cup of sweet lemon juice in this. Add two-three tablespoons of coconut milk to it. Blend using a blender and pour it in a stem glass. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink in the scorching summer heat!

2. Blueberry smoothie

Smoothie as a drink has become popular all over the world. Smoothies taste great and are enriched with vitamins and minerals. To make a blueberry smoothie, put two cups of blueberry and one cup of vanilla yogurt in a blender. Also, add one-fourth cup of pomegranate juice in the blender. Blend it well and pour it in tall glasses. Garnish the drink with sweet pomegranate seeds. This is really tempting, isn’t it?

3. Ginger tea

Are you a tea lover? Then you would love the taste of refreshing ginger tea. This drink can be made instantly. In a shaker, add some iced tea, add a few drops of lemon juice. Also add some sugar, if you want it sweet. Now, add some ginger ale. Shake it well so that all the flavors mix well. Serve in tall glasses with lots of ice. Do not forget to put a stylish stirrer in the drink. If making for guests, get ready to receive compliments.

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