5 Foods That Are High In Calcium

5 Foods That Are High In Calcium

Calcium is a crucial necessity of every woman. As years pass, the bone tends to grow weaker. Also, post pregnancy and delivery, women tend to grow weaker in general. It is imperative that women consume enough amount of calcium right from childhood in order to eliminate any future problems. To know about foods that are high in calcium, read ahead.

1. Dairy products

Low fat or skimmed milk is a great source of calcium. You can have flavored chocolate milk or strawberry milk as well. However, avoid whole milk since it does more harm than good. Also, yogurt, both flavored and non-flavored, can surely help you increase calcium intake. Low fat or fat free cheese is another dairy product, which has a very high calcium count. Homemade fat free pudding is another great source of calcium that you can have from time to time.

2. Non-dairy products

There are several non-dairy products as well that are high in calcium. A cup of dried beans or a bunch of almonds can help you gain some calcium. Brazil nuts, walnuts and hazelnuts also can contribute to a lot of calcium. So, be sure you include these nuts in your diet as well.

3. Green veggies

Spinach and sesame seeds are high sources of calcium that can strengthen your bones. Since spinach is also a great source of iron, which is also important for a woman’s health, it is advisable that you eat spinach regularly. Broccoli and cabbage are other vegetables which have very high calcium count when consumed half cooked.

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