5 Great Foods For Healthy Skin

5 Great Foods For Healthy Skin

All of us desire to have healthy and glowing skin for it is the ultimate determinant of age and good health. While some of them are blessed with great skin naturally, few others need to strive hard to get a flawless skin. The market today is inundated with a zillion skin care products that all promise to deliver miraculous results in a very short time. Although the tall claim is incredible, people do end up investing a lot in them every year. The products may show you some positive results but they stand no comparison to another contender that promises a much desired difference, although gradually. This contender is healthy and well balanced skin friendly diet. There are hundreds of natural foods that when made a part of your daily diet do not just render beautiful skin but also offer a wealth of goodness in the form of good health. Many of these food items are often neglected usually because you are unaware of their value or because you failed to look at this side of health. Listed below are some foods for healthy skin.

1. Essential fatty acids (EFAs)

Incorporating these elements in their natural food form rather than consuming as supplements will help you derive the best from them. The primary objective of Omega-3 fatty acids or the EFAs is to prevent the entry of harmful components and push waste products from skin cells. This has a direct impact on the maintenance of healthy skin cell membranes. The result is youthful skin. EFAs are abundantly found in salmon and other oily fish, flax seed and walnuts. Besides Omega-3 fatty acids, these food items are directly involved in the healthy functioning of your body since salmon by itself contains other nutrients such as vitamin B12, selenium, potassium and protein.

2. Whole grains

Whole grains contain a lot of fiber. They are also rich in antioxidants which, besides promoting skin health, help to normalize sugar levels and avoid insulin rise. To get the best of whole grains, choose foods that are rich in fiber and low in sugar. While whole wheat is a good choice, try switching to conventional grains like millet and quinoa and observe the difference. Three ounces of whole grains in the form of breads, rice, crackers and cereals is necessary for the healthy functioning of your skin.

3. Dark colored vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables that have the deepest hues work like magic on your skin. Beet, purple cabbage or carrot, pomegranate, red and black grapes and all those brightly colored vegetables at your grocer have all the nutrients packed in them for supple skin that no skin care product can offer. Good news is that such foods besides aiding good skin health also target your body functions in every possible way to ensure you stay healthy and fit.

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