7 Essential Foods to Lower High Blood Pressure

7 Essential Foods To Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common medical conditions faced by adults these days. High blood pressure or hypertension is a situation where the pressure of blood in the arteries increases. The reasons for high blood pressure include nervousness, tension, obesity, excess salt intake, diabetes, deficiency of several nutrients, etc. Hypertension can result in serious ailments such as stroke, heart failure, kidney disorders, heart attack, etc. The best way to get over the ill-effects of high blood pressure is to lower the blood pressure to the maximum extent. There are a couple of ways to lower blood pressure. The simplest one is to bring a change in one’s lifestyle, which comprises regular exercises and good and timely intake of fresh and healthy foods. Here are few food items, which if included in your diet, can help you out in lowering high blood pressure.

1. Green veggies

Consuming a lot of fresh green veggies like spinach, coriander and fenugreek leaves helps in reducing high blood pressure. Spinach and coriander leaves are a source of potassium, whose absence may be a reason for high blood pressure. Fenugreek leaves not only help in reduction of blood pressure but also help in curing diabetes. If fenugreek leaves are unavailable, then roasting fenugreek seeds until red and including them in your diet will also yield good results.

2. Skimmed milk

Fat free milk is one of the best items which can lower blood pressure if it is made a part of daily diet. It contains large amounts of calcium and vitamin D, whose deficiency may be a reason for high blood pressure. It is always better to have warm milk for better results. Make sure that there is no fat at all in the milk, for the presence of fat may lead to an increase in blood pressure.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes can help in reducing blood pressure very soon, if consumed regularly. Tomato is rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. These nutrients are essential to curb high blood pressure.

4. Onion and garlic

Raw onion and a clove of garlic can create miracles. They help in preventing the clotting of blood and thickening of blood vessels. They can also restrain the ill-effects caused by high blood pressure. They also help in removing the blockages in the heart.

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