7 Simple Exercises to do When You Feel Tired to Exercise

7 Simple Exercises to do When You Feel Tired to Exercise

Due to stress, many women tend to ignore their exercise regime. Daily activities and chores can take a toll on the body, making you weak and tired. But, still staying in shape is important. Listed below are some simple exercises to do when you are tired, read on.

1. Yoga

A quick yoga asana Anulom Vilom can provide respite from stress and help to keep you fit. Practice this simple breathing exercise while sitting. Breathe in and breathe out to relax the body and mind. This is a simple exercise to do even while you are tired and stressed out.

2. Brisk walk

This exercise never fails even if you are tired. Take a brisk walk for half an hour to feel relaxed. Walking as an exercise can keep you completely fit. To relieve stress, listen to some good music while walking. This can also help to keep the body fit and healthy.

3. Stationary cycling

When you are not in the mood to hit the gym, the best bet is to perform cardiovascular exercise on stationary cycle. Cycling for twenty minutes helps to lower the stress and makes you feel relaxed. In fact, stationary cycling exercise is also good for women who suffer from arthritic pain. It helps to increase the joint flexibility of the bones.

4. Aerobics

A simple session of aerobics can do wonders for your health even if you are tired. Practice aerobics for fifteen to twenty minutes on a daily basis. It improves the normal breathing pattern. It lowers the risk of heart related diseases in women. Aerobics is a great cardiovascular exercise and can be practiced when you are tired.

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