5 Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Soulful music is healing. Research has proved that listening to music has the power to heal us physically and psychologically. And who doesn’t love some music? From lullabies to rock, the variations of music are wide. It’s just individual choices as to which appeals them the most. Music which is close to a person’s heart has even proved to cure mental illness and other related ailments. Check out 5 health benefits of listening to music.

1. Music helps in easing physical pain

Research shows that people suffering from physical pain show marked difference in enduring pain when they are listening to music. The music actually reduces the intensity of pain the patient perceives and music therapy has become the norm in palliative medicine – a branch of health care that focus on relieving and preventing suffering of patients.

2. Music helps people eat less

When soft music is played in the background, people tend to focus on what they are eating and how much they are eating. Eating less of course helps in maintaining a healthy body and listening to music definitely helps in achieving this goal. But you also need to make sure the music is soft or the opposite is also true. You tend to eat more when the music is heavy and exhilarating.

3. Music enhances the blood vessel function

Research scientists have found that listening to happy music and the emotions it produces has a marked difference in the functioning of blood vessels. There is an increase in the blood flow and it keeps the heart pumping at a regular rhythm. This in turn helps maintain a healthy heart and body since there is enough supply of oxygen to the brain.

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