5 Reasons Why Coffee is Bad for You

5 Reasons Why Coffee is Bad for You

Can’t start your day without sipping a cup of coffee? Love drinking cups of coffees to beat winter blues? Have to drink coffee at frequent intervals to fight the stress at office? Here is a bad news for you -drinking too much coffee is bad for your health. Most of you might be aware of this, but do you know the reasons why coffee is bad for you.

1. It contains caffeine

The main component that makes coffee bad for your health is caffeine. This powerful drug can cause anxiety symptoms, increased blood pressure, low iron and calcium levels, palpitations and rise in stress hormones. Caffeine can also lead to nervousness or insomnia.

2. It poses a high risk of rheumatoid arthritis and stroke

Older people who have blood pressure need to be careful, as drinking more than two cups of coffee a day increases the chance of stroke. Also, the more the number of coffee cups, the higher the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in you.

3. It can cause osteoporosis

Too much of coffee consumption triggers your adrenal hormones and eventually makes your body estrogen dominated. This condition leads to osteoporosis. Caffeine also raises the acidity levels in the body, as a result of which calcium is gradually drained from your body, leading to osteoporosis. So, high estrogen and acidity levels increase your chance of osteoporosis.

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