Tips To Look Attractive And Get The Attention Of Handsome Guys

Tips To Look Attractive And Get The Attention Of Handsome Guys

While we were on our usual rounds to buy coffee from the local café, we spotted Terry sipping her hot cuppa on a glorious sunny day. During the 15 minutes while we were there, at least 3 men walked up to her and asked if they could buy her a cup of coffee. We finally gave in to our curiosity to ask Terry about her secret to look attractive. It was a little unnerving going up to her randomly but hey, we can do anything for getting useful tips to look attractive for you girls, right? Let’s look at what Terry had to say.

“The most important element for a woman to look attractive is to carry a great posture. It is one of the things that can make or break your look”, says Terry. “You may be the most beautiful woman out there but you will not attract the attention of handsome guys if you don’t carry a good posture. Sit straight and hold your head high to enhance the beauty of your curves”, she added.

We also agreed with Terry when she talked about women who sport extreme hair color. “I usually don’t experiment with hair color that is more than 2 or 3 tones higher or lower than my natural shade”. It’s one thing to look attractive and another thing to look whacked out, right?

“What about lip color, Terry?”, we asked. “Well it really depends on your natural skin tone but I usually avoid putting on lip color that is contrasting to my tone. As I have fair skin, I stick to light browns, peach and nude lip color. Even sprucing up your lips with a strawberry pink lip balm can make you look attractive”, Terry advised.

“Here’s another thing. Wouldn’t you agree with me that facial hair is a complete no-no if you want to look attractive?”, asked Terry. We promptly agreed. Small hair follicles above the lips, under the chin or near the brows don’t look attractive at all.

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