Top 5 Exercises for Pregnant Women

Top 5 Exercises For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a testing time for all women. There are so many do’s and don’ts of pregnancy that it is sometimes hard to keep up with the list. Here, we are going to talk about some great exercises for pregnancy that you can do to stay fit. But before you read further, allow us to advise you that these exercises for pregnancy should be done only after consulting with your doctor or a healthcare professional.

1. Swimming

Ladies, we are not talking about competitive swimming here. As an exercise for pregnancy, swimming is great if done in moderation and with specific techniques. The water and its buoyancy will support the weight of your body, especially that of your stomach. If you like the thought of swimming as an exercise for pregnancy, you may even want to check out water aerobics classes. Again, do not go for vigorous swimming sessions and step out of the pool immediately if you feel tired or dizzy.

2. Indoor Cycling

The reason why we have indoor cycling on this list is because it is a relatively non-weight bearing exercise. Very little stress is laid on your bones and limbs, reducing the chance of an injury. Outdoor cycling is more strenuous and increases the chances of injury, so it is best to stay away. Riding a stationary cycle will be a great exercise for pregnancy because it is an aerobic exercise that will help you stay fit while in the safety and the comfort of a gym or your home.

3. Walking

It’s funny that the most basic exercise for pregnancy is as simple as going out for a walk. Brisk walking will pump up your heart beats and circulation levels. Walking as an exercise for pregnancy is great because it is low impact and is not too strenuous. Walking is known to improve stamina and can also reduce stress and the risk of heart diseases.

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