8 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous

8 Signs Your Friend Is Jealous

A jealous friend may bring more harm to you than even your arch enemy. Hence it is of paramount importance to identify such a friend before he/she can willingly or otherwise cause you grave harm. There are some simple indications that can help you identify a jealous friend.

1. Being indifferent

While some friends are overjoyed at your success, jealous friends just seem to be indifferent to it. They just get on with their lives as if nothing happened. When you tell them about your achievements, they blow it off as something very trivial and not worthy of so much excitement and happiness.

2. Being invisible

Jealous friends just vanish when you want to share your success with them. They will never attend your parties and never be present to compliment you when you get any recognition. They actually loathe you from the depth of their hearts for being successful. As they themselves are so unhappy, they try to stay away from happy people as it serves as a constant reminder to them of their own grief and misfortunes.

3. Being over enthusiastic

Just as being indifferent is an indication of something being amiss, over enthusiasm is also a danger sign. Jealous friends, in order to hide their frustration at your success, try so hard to put up a grin that it shows. But some others are just so good actors that it is for you to find out that their joy at your success is simply fake.

4. Being judgmental

Jealous friends always keep judging you. They will always advice you on what you should or should not do and will analyze your behavior even if it is apparent that their views are completely uncalled for.

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