5 Things You Can’t Go Without On A Blind Date

5 Things You Can't Go Without On A Blind Date

The jury is still out deciding whether blind date is good or bad. Some people are absolutely against blind dates. They hate such dates like plague. Some other people see it as a unique opportunity. They believe there is a reasonably good chance of forming a lasting relationship. They also find the mystery factor interesting. While the arguments go on, blind dates keep on happening. If you are looking for love, you might give it a chance one day. Here are some tips about things that you can’t go without on a blind date.

1. Impressive Outfits

The first impression is always the best impression. You don’t have to look like a model. But you need to put on your best clothes. People tend to feel more confident when they wear their favorite clothes. But avoid clothes that are too colorful and stick out too much. Wear something that is subtle and elegant. Also make sure to tell your date what your are wearing in advance, so that he can easily find you.

2. Deodorant

Keep a bottle of deodorant with you, even if you are planning to apply a liberal dose of perfume before you go. You never know how things pan out. You may go for a long walk or may get stuck in a hot place. You may sweat uncontrollably in such places. Applying deodorant is a foolproof method to keep yourself away from such goof ups.

3. Mobile Phone

A mobile phone is one of the things that you can’t go without on a blind date. It is the only point of contact the other person has. If things go wrong, a mobile phone allows you to call for help. However, keep your cell phone in silent mode once you meet your date. Nobody wants to spend their date by listening to the other person’s mobile phone’s ringtone.

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