8 Things Every Man Secretly Wants

Things Every Man Secretly Wants

If you have ever wondered what exactly is going on in your man’s mind and what it is that he yearns for, here is a sneak peek into a man’s mind and his secret desires.

1. Quiet time alone

He might be head over heels in love with you but he does seek moments of solitude where he can just sit somewhere alone and go blank. So the next time he does that, don’t go around nagging him about what is wrong. Just let him be.

2. Life without in-laws

They may never dare to tell you that, but deep in their hearts, they are not too fond of a majority of your near and dear ones. A girl’s relatives are just excess baggage that she comes with.

3. Grooming sessions

It is not just girls who love going to the spa. The metro sexual guys of these days are equally fond of a relaxing massage and visits to the salon.

4. Kinky sex

Well, here is what you must have been expecting this long. Guys do like to try something different in bed and so don’t fool yourself by thinking that he is just an odd one out who feels privileged just being in your company. Go ahead and show him your wild side and see how it makes him crazy.

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