10 Reasons Why Gemini Girls Are The Best

10 Reasons Why Gemini Girls Are The Best

Coming with the kickass slogan, ‘I think, therefore I am’, we Gemini girls are known for our distinguished personality. We are also known as the “Child of the Zodiac,” due to our vibrant nature, or as ‘the Twins’ due to our double minds. There are so many reasons why we are better than the rest. Wanna know more about us? Keep reading, below are reasons why we Gemini girls are the best.

1. We’re smart

Come on, there are no doubts about that! With two minds, smartness is something that comes naturally to us. Our tendency of being rational, analyzing our lives and separating our opinions into smaller pieces has got something to do with this. Due to this reason we are the best decision-makers you will ever come across.

2. We’re fun

There is never a bored moment with us, because we are filled with life! Our bubbly and enthusiastic drive always keeps us alive. At any party, you will always see that it is we who keep the party going. We are usually the first to step on the dance floor, and the last to leave. It is because of this happy-go-lucky nature of ours, you will find yourself forgetting how time passes when we are around.

3. We’re creative

Creativity is one of the best traits a Gemini girl can possess. Whether it comes to the way we dress, the way we tie our hair, the method we use to woo a guy we like or to plan a surprise for someone special; we’re always coming up with something new and something you must have not even imagined about. Our minds are filled with a plethora of ideas that are waiting to be executed.

4. We’re generous

We are born with a kind and sharing heart. Unlike other selfish girls, we Gemini girls believe that ‘caring is sharing’. We master in the skill of giving to others. Because of this, you will find many of us as undertaking philanthropic activities and even inculcating this attitude among our friends. When you really need something, you know whom to come to!

5. We’re oh-so charming

If you want to learn how to get that guy to fall in love with you, come to us. We just know the exact words to use to make any guy go weak in his knees. We also know how to look into a guy’s eyes in order to make sure that he never forgets our face. No doubt we’re so popular and have got the male-population longing to ask us out!

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