Happy Women’s Day

Happy Women's Day

Happy Women’s Day! We bring you a selection of our Women’s Day articles. Check them out!

1. 30 Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to be a Woman
You can’t count the reasons why it’s wonderful to be a woman because it’s a feeling you can’t express. Nevertheless, here are 30 reasons why it’s wonderful to be a woman.

2. 9 Great Reasons to Celebrate Women’s Day
The role that a woman plays is so important that even if we thank her every day it will be less. A woman right from her childhood dedicates her entire life towards her loved ones. She cares about and loves her parents, siblings, friends, husband, children and all those people with whom her life is linked. She does get a lot of love and care in return, but many a times we fail to appreciate her, to respect and care for her dreams and desires, her likes and dislikes. A woman is taken for granted a lot of times, but yet she seldom complains. Dedicating a day to all the women of the world gives us a chance to celebrate womanhood, to make them feel special and a chance for us to show them their importance and place in our lives. Here are 9 reasons to celebrate Women’s Day.

3. 10 Reasons Why You Should Feel Proud to Be a Woman
Are you proud that you are a woman? If you are, feel happier by reading this list. And well, if you are not, learn reasons to feel proud to be a woman! Being a lady has distinctive advantages and besides being important to yourself, you belong to that gender that is born and nurtured with several unique gifts.

4. 5 Exciting Things to Do on Women’s Day
Being born as a woman is a gift. To cherish womanhood, the first and foremost thing that you should do is to be grateful for it. Sit quiet for a few minutes and be thankful for being born a woman and getting the opportunity to make this world a beautiful place with your love and kindness. Thank God, for the beautiful role you have been assigned to play while you are here. And on this Women’s Day, celebrate womanhood and do some exciting things. Here are some cool things you can do.

5. 4 Reasons Why You Should Thank God for Making You a Woman
On a normal day, you don’t pause and wonder why you were created the way you are. What would have happened if you were not a woman? Of course, there are many plus points to it but imagine the things you would miss out on. Here are 4 of the many reasons why you should thank God for making you a woman.

6. 5 Most Beautiful Women In The World
A woman of beauty is a true joy to behold. The slender frame, delicate features and femininity that exudes from a woman is a treat to the senses. Some women are better gifted than others in terms of looks and for all that you know, the most beautiful woman in the world might be living in a hut in the forests of Africa. Nevertheless, among woman whom we get to see and appreciate, here are a few who find a place among the most beautiful.

7. Top 5 Traits of a Perfect Woman
There is much more to a perfect woman than her bodily curves and a star like personality. If you are striving to acquire the 5 qualities of a perfect woman, all you need to do is to follow our mini guide.

8. 20 Great Quotes to Share on Women’s Day
March 8th is an important day for womankind, since it is celebrated as Women’s Day across the world. Womanhood is a gift to be cherished and celebrated at all days, by women themselves as well as men. The whole structure and spectrum of womanhood is so vast and glorious that many a poet, singer, filmmaker, lyricist or author has tried his or her best to convey it. Here we convey it through these powerful quotes on women.

9. 20 Traits of a Real Woman You Should Have
If you are looking forward to sweep guys off their feet, it is going to take more than just your good looks to do so. So to help you in your pursuit, here are the traits of a real woman who is yearned for by every man.

10. 6 Most Courageous Women in The World
There has never been a dearth of courage in women and throughout history, there have been plentiful examples that would prove it. They have made their presence felt, proved their mettle in various fields, gave us a unique view of the world around us and brought about changes which has shaped history as we know it. Some of the most courageous women in the world are listed here. Read about them.

11. 5 Reasons Why You Should be Happy That You are a Woman
It’s the one half of the population that inhabits the earth. You are not just vessels to give birth and expand population, but to contribute to nurture, help and build a better future for people around you. Although as women, you become victims of different crimes and have fought for years to gain equal status with men, you can never regret being who you are. It is truly a blessing to be a woman. As women you play different roles- friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. You are not the weaker sex, you are made out to be. Women stand for the nature’s aesthetic art and beauty and there are many reasons why you should be happy to be a woman. Here are 5 reasons.

12. 5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day
8th of March is a very special day for women from different walks of life. It celebrates womanhood and all the wonderful traits that define a woman. International Women’s Day commemorates yours as well as the presence of every woman in your life. A day as special as this must be rejoiced in the most appropriate way.

13. 10 Most Important Women In History
“Hi what are you doing up so early in the morning?”, Donna, 36, asked her daughter Sharon, 9. “Mum, I’ve got an assignment from class to write about the 10 most powerful women in history”, she replied. “Wow, that’s an interesting topic. Whom are you writing about?”, asked Donna. “I have a few names up my sleeve. Can you suggest some more to me?” said Sharon. Here are the top 10 women in history of whom Sharon chose to write about.

14. 7 Signs You are a Mature Woman
Most people believe that maturity is an attribute that comes with age. But maturity means a lot more than reaching a particular chronological age. It also doesn’t mean having a high IQ. Then what exactly is maturity?

15. 12 Most Successful Women In The World
Success stories are plenty. Those that have stood the test of time and proved remarkable success to the world are the ones that have inspired and influenced millions. 12 of such most successful women are listed below.

16. Top 5 Women Writers of All Time
Women have always been good storytellers, but this was, most of the times, restricted only to their family. Early in the 19th century, men were on the forefront in the field of literature and dominated the scenario. Women, on the other hand, were the muses who inspired the men for their artistic creations rather than creating something themselves. However, as situations changed and women started getting education, women took to the pen and made themselves figures of inspiration for not only other women but men as well.

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