5 Reasons You Must Participate in National Day of Unplugging

5 Reasons You Must Participate in National Day of Unplugging

The national day of unplugging will reach its fifth year this Friday. This is a day that was chosen by a non-profit group called reboot. The idea behind observing and celebrating a day as the national day of unplugging is to bring into focus and try to wean away our dependencies on electronic devices such as the laptop, mobile phone and computers. IPods and I pads also fall under this category of electronic instruments we all are addicted to. It is not uncommon to see a group of friends on a table, each with their mobiles and engrossed in the device rather than the actual conversation happening. It is to change this that this day is observed as the national day of unplugging. Here are some reasons as to why you should participate in the national day of unplugging.

1. To realize how these machines have practically enslaved us

We are so used to staying connected all the time be it for work or for entertainment that we would feel left out or lost without it. This shows how much we are glued to these machines and how much we are addicted and enslaved to them. Participating in the national day of unplugging will make you realize this fact and maybe help you make better choices in life.

2. So at least for one day in a year, you can appreciate the simple pleasures of life

Be it in the subway, the bus or a flight, you would rather sit with your devices than try to know about the place you are in and about your fellow commuters. You do not have to talk to your fellow passengers but looking and observing them can be enriching as well. Peeling your eyes off the screen can at times be a life saver too as you can spot dangers more easily if you are aware of your surroundings.

3. For better inter-personal relationships

If you choose to put down your smart phones and computers and choose to talk to people instead of texting, your interpersonal skills will improve a lot and you will also notice that you become closer to people.

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