9 Great Reasons to Celebrate Women’s Day

9 Great Reasons to Celebrate Women's Day

The role that a woman plays is so important that even if we thank her every day it will be less. A woman right from her childhood dedicates her entire life towards her loved ones. She cares about and loves her parents, siblings, friends, husband, children and all those people with whom her life is linked. She does get a lot of love and care in return, but many a times we fail to appreciate her, to respect and care for her dreams and desires, her likes and dislikes. A woman is taken for granted a lot of times, but yet she seldom complains. Dedicating a day to all the women of the world gives us a chance to celebrate womanhood, to make them feel special and a chance for us to show them their importance and place in our lives. Here are 9 reasons to celebrate Women’s Day.

1. To give women a break from their monotonous life

Giving women a break from their daily chores and monotonous life, treating them in a really special way to make them feel really happy is a great reason to celebrate Women’s Day. A woman is always preoccupied with handling everything else that she forgets about herself, this could be the day where she can do things for her and only her own happiness.

2. To remind people of the importance of women

Women’s Day is just like a reminder to everyone, that a woman is very special and that her role in our life is irreplaceable and that we need to thank her and show our love to her every single day and a little extra on this particular day.

3. To commemorate the day by doing something special

Women’s Day is like an excuse or a chance a woman has, to do things she likes and enjoys, which she usually can’t do because of various commitments in life. An opportunity for a woman to enjoy and pamper herself.

4. To allow women to relax for a day

For women, who fulfill so many roles, others should celebrate this day to show how special they are, and acknowledge their importance. Allow them to sit back, relax, take a day off and let them see how things play out without them in the picture. Make them feel like a queen for a day.

5. To remind people to treat women with respect and dignity

Every day women are put through so many cruel atrocities like domestic violence, lack of reservation policies and sexist remarks in the work place, even underestimation and inferiority. This day creates an awareness to treat women with respect and dignity.

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