5 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Day

5 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

8th of March is a very special day for women from different walks of life. It celebrates womanhood and all the wonderful traits that define a woman. International Women’s Day commemorates yours as well as the presence of every woman in your life. A day as special as this must be rejoiced in the most appropriate way.

1. Honor all the ladies in your life

Your mother, sister, aunt, niece, lady friends and yourself of course! These are all the ones who genuinely wish the best for you. They cared for you and continue to shower you with love and affection in their own distinctive manners. You may have had some bitter times as well but International Women’s Day is a day to remember all the good times and give each of them what they truly deserve.

2. Write a blog

Women in the social arena irrespective of the career or community they hail from have invested a lot of time, effort, commitment and hard work to be where they are. While it is difficult to honor every such woman you respect or adore, you could do your bit by writing a blog of the distinguished traits they possess. Make the blog viral and you never know; the lady will feel elated when she gets to read it.

3. Reconnect

You may have lost a lady friend or you may not have bothered to stay connected with a good friend from school. International Women’s Day is the best time to get back in touch with them. Surprise her with a call or a little gift and let her know that she has been a great support and continues to have her positive influence on you.

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