9 Ways to Control Anger in a Relationship

Ways to Control Anger in a Relationship

Blowing your top for even the slightest of provocation is harmful for your physical health, mental well-being as well as your social relationships. Take it easy. No need to get all worked up when things don’t go your way. Read on to find out some simple and practical ways of keeping calm in the face of anger.

1. Drink water

This is said to be one of the most effective ways of getting your anger under control. Drinking a full glass of water not only calms your mind, but it is also a short distraction from your reason of anger. Gulping down a glass of water soothes your rattled nerves and helps you clear your mind. A sense of peace then prevails over you.

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2. Avoid confrontation

You might think that getting it off your chest then and there is the best way of resolving issues. But, no. That’ll just make matters worse. If you are angry with your husband, just leave the room for some time. Avoid getting into an argument when angry. You might say things that you don’t really mean and hurt the opposite party.

3. Breathe deeply

A peaceful solution to a raging problem! Whenever you seem to lose your cool, just take a deep, prolonged breath, hold it for a few seconds and then exhale deeply. See, how your temper comes down in a jiffy!

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4. Punch your pillow

Can’t believe your best friend could lie to you? Feeling like you could punch him in the face right now? Chill girl. You can vent this frustration better if you punch a pillow instead. This way, you won’t break your hand, his nose and your long standing friendship too! You could also try tearing up old papers, it works amazingly.

5. Go for a walk

Getting out of that agitated atmosphere is vital to get your mind back on track. Take a walk in the premises or go jogging. Just a quick respite to the washroom too gets you time to calm down and think rationally. Whichever you prefer, your anger’s bound to come down fast.

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