20 Traits of a Real Woman You Should Have

20 Traits of a Real Woman You Should Have

If you are looking forward to sweep guys off their feet, it is going to take more than just your good looks to do so. So to help you in your pursuit, here are the traits of a real woman who is yearned for by every man.

1. Intelligence

A woman’s intelligence and practicality can be the deciding factors which can determine her success in life and relationships alike.

2. Generosity

A woman should be caring and generous more than anything else. You should show your man that you are not vain and selfish but have a soft corner in your heart for others.

3. Independence

You should have an identity of your own rather than being just dependent on your rich parents or good lineage. Be independent and win over the respect of others.

4. Wit

A real woman doesn’t just sit there quietly trying to look pretty but can win people over with her wit. Being witty and humorous can be a big plus for a woman any day.

5. Humility

Don’t be a show off and stop putting on airs. You can win over men by your modesty much more than you can win them over by your good looks.

6. Education

Men may ogle at bimbos but when they are looking for a serious relationship, they prefer educated women. You don’t have to be a nerd but don’t possess the IQ of an eighth grader either.

7. Friendliness

A real woman gets along really well with others and is friendly to the hilt. Extraversion is the hallmark of such a woman.

8. Tidiness

An untidy woman can be a huge turn off for any guy. It is not enough to just take good care of yourself but you should also keep your room tidy and things arranged.

9. Thrift

You may not have been expecting to find this trait in this list, but just think about how much men complain about a spendthrift partner and you will realize how vital this quality is.

10. Calmness

Don’t be hyper all the time and rather try to be calm and composed. A relaxed exterior indicates a confident and peaceful self.

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