20 Ways to Make People Happy

20 Ways to Make People Happy

In the extremely busy lives we lead today, sometimes we just forget to live! We tend to keep moving ahead like machines and our life becomes a boring routine of activities. We forget to be happy and don’t even care to make people happy. To help you make people happy, we have put across 20 ways. Try them and enjoy!

1. Smile at people. It will surely brighten up their days. Exchange pleasantries like “Have a nice day” even with strangers.

2. Complimenting and appreciating will make people happy. Just two words “Well Done” and a deserving pat on the back can totally cheer them up.

3. Help people! It will make people happy and you happier. Make yourself useful by helping a kid cross the road or an elderly carry bags.

4. Encourage others for what they are doing. Is your friend planning to pursue her dream of opening a boutique? Encourage her! Give her hope and help her follow her dreams.

5. How about hugging somebody just because you can? It will make people happy for sure!

6. To make people happy, share with them something that they will laugh at. It could be a silly joke or a funny incident.

7. Alternatively, you could email them something that you think they will love. A funny e-card or a silly poem will do the trick!

8. Spend time with the people whom you want to make happy. Take some time off your busy schedule and pay them a visit or invite them to your house.

9. Do fun things with them. Be it fishing, sky diving or simply kayaking, call them to do these activities with you and make sure you participate in these activities with enthusiasm.

10. Give them your attention. Drop everything you are doing and listen to what they are saying. It is a sure shot way to make people happy.

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