5 Reasons Why You Should be Happy That You are a Woman

5 Reasons Why You Should be Happy That You are a Woman

It’s the one half of the population that inhabits the earth. You are not just vessels to give birth and expand population, but to contribute to nurture, help and build a better future for people around you. Although as women, you become victims of different crimes and have fought for years to gain equal status with men, you can never regret being who you are. It is truly a blessing to be a woman. As women you play different roles- friend, sister, daughter, wife, mother and grandmother. You are not the weaker sex, you are made out to be. Women stand for the nature’s aesthetic art and beauty and there are many reasons why you should be happy to be a woman. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Maternity and motherhood

The most precious and valuable reason to be happy that you’re a woman is that you are blessed with the happiness of being a mother. A woman gets to experience motherhood and there is no other feeling equivalent to that. This is a very important reason to be happy that you’re a woman.

2. Steps towards women empowerment

There are many advantages of being a woman, like getting special privileges and benefits in the society. Government has special schemes and rules that are beneficial for women. Wherever women go they have advantages. This is a reason to be happy that you are a woman.

3. Beauty and fashion

Being a part of the fashion world is an integral part of any woman’s life. Women have options; options in colors, styles, silhouettes, prints, patterns, styles, cuts and much more. Options in clothes, bags, shoes, scarves, makeup and the list is never ending. Why would someone not be happy to be a woman?

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