30 Reasons Why It’s Wonderful to be a Woman

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You can’t count the reasons why it’s wonderful to be a woman because it’s a feeling you can’t express. Nevertheless, here are 30 reasons why it’s wonderful to be a woman.

1. They are blessed with motherhood

A woman is blessed with motherhood, she is the one who gets to experience the wonderful feeling of the process of the baby growing in her womb; she experiences the pain of giving birth to her own child yet it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

2. They can nurture and care

As women or mothers, caring, nurturing and helping the people around them grow and progress is intrinsic to being a woman.

3. They can multitask

A woman can multitask; every woman has an in born talent of handling multiple things together and that too with perfection.

4. They are well organized

Every woman eventually gets trained to do various things at a time in a very systematic and orderly manner. This can only come with practice, struggle and a lot of dedication which only women can achieve.

5. They are charming

A woman always gets pampered and gets special treatment by her loved ones.

6. They are beautiful

A woman can attract by her beauty and charm, and men can readily shower their love on them and give them all the attention they desire for. A woman is sensitive, emotional yet very strong; she knows how to get what she wants and this is why it’s wonderful to be a woman.

7. They make a happy home

Being a woman you know that people around you rely on you. You are their home, their space for comfort and they know that coming to you will make everything fine.

8. They are an epitome of beauty and creativity

You bring style, beauty, gracefulness and creativity to whichever place you go. It provides a balance to the household and nature in general.

9. They can cook and bake perfectly

A lot of women love cooking. These domestic goddesses transform homes into palaces of love and care.

10. They can handle power

Women have proven to be great leaders in power positions. They are sharp, focused and have the ability to make decisions.

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