50 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

50 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

If you are looking to lose weight, get on a diet plan or looking for inspiration to lose weight, you have come to the right place. We take a comprehensive look at the steps you need to take to lose weight. We discuss all emotional, physical and mental aspects with people who say that they’ve won the battle against weight gain.

1. Sports are fun, exercises are not

Claire just couldn’t find motivation to hit the gym. However, she took up swimming which helped her reach her weight loss goals. “Swimming has put me in the shape that I am in today. Going to the gym is not the end of the world. You can take up a sport to lose weight”, said Claire.

2. Boost your metabolism

Experts have been raving about the connection between metabolism and weight loss for many years, but now we get to hear about the connection from Claire, 33 who has lost 55 pounds in the last 12 months. “I’ve made an active effort to boost my metabolism by being more active, boosting my exercise regime and spending less time on the couch”, said Claire.

3. Think healthy

Gina, 38, an office receptionist who shed off 40 pounds in the last 10 months tells us that weight loss is a mental battle, rather than physical. “Tell yourself every morning that today will be an active day and you will make a conscious effort to burn calories. The minute you start thinking about healthy habits, healthy foods and healthy exercises, you are on your way to weight loss”, she said.

4. Know your foods well

“I had no clue that the foods I was eating on a daily basis were packed with calories and fat that my body does not deserve. I had to educate myself about the cholesterol, fat and calorie levels present in the foods that I ate”, said May. Heed May’s advice and give yourself a crash course on the nutritional contents of your daily diet.

5. Make an active lifestyle choice

“Weight loss is not about setting a goal, it’s not about exercising more nor is it about controlling what you eat. Weight loss is a mix of everything, it is a lifestyle choice”, said May, a mother of two, who has had a long drawn battle with weight loss and obesity. Choose an active lifestyle which includes lots of movement and involves being on your toes all the time.

6. Salmon: Fishy diet to lose weight

“Apart from the fact that I love sea food, I’ve incorporated salmon as a major food in my diet plan to lose weight. I suggest this super food to all women wanting to lose weight”, said May. We can understand May’s recommendation because salmon is power packed with essential omega-3 oils, proteins, vitamins and much more. All this, combined with a low cholesterol value makes salmon a great weight loss food for women.

7. Give yourself inspiration everyday

“For all women who suffer from boredom and laziness to go to the gym every day, I suggest that they find a source of motivation and inspiration”, added May. It can be as simple as putting up pictures of your not-so-obese days on your office desk, or a picture of the perfect beach body you’ve always wanted. What is your inspiration, ladies?

8. Win the battle with liposuction

“I know that liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, but it is definitely a start. My tummy and buttocks were my target areas for fat loss and that’s why I had liposuction done. They removed 14 pounds or body fat in two sessions”, said Amanda, 39, a working from home mother. She recommends that all women should seek exhaustive advice from medical professionals before going under the knife.

9. Reward yourself after every week

We think that if you keep thinking about weight loss 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you might need psychiatric help after a while. So make sure you pamper or reward yourself with a nice chocolate bar, lollies, massage, spa treatments or shopping treats every now and then to take your mind away from your weight loss regime.

10. Focus on your breakfast

We also noticed that all these ladies had put into place a healthy habit of eating a nutritional breakfast to lose weight. Exciting ideas like fruit bowls, fruit smoothies, fruit porridge and more were discussed. “A healthy breakfast is a must to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Don’t skip it”, said Claire.

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