5 Foods For Pregnant Women To Avoid

5 Foods For Pregnant Women To Avoid

Forget worrying about your own diet. If you are pregnant, you now need to worry about two instead of one! That’s right, friends. What you eat is going to affect you and your unborn child during pregnancy. Find out foods which pregnant women should avoid.

1. Raw Eggs (or partially cooked)

We don’t know why you’d want to eat raw eggs in the first place, but if you are pregnant and going to eat eggs, you should make sure that they’ve been cooked well. The reason why raw eggs should be avoided is because they may contain Salmonella. This can cause cramps, nausea, diarrhea and fever or in rare cases, even miscarriages.

2. Soft Cheese (or semi-soft cheese)

Usually cold, soft cheese also tops the list of foods that pregnant women should avoid. However you may give into your cheese temptation if the cheese is thoroughly cooked. Don’t forget to eat it while it’s hot!

3. Leftovers or pre-packaged meals are a complete no-no

Have you heard of the bacteria called Listeria? If not, you better know that it causes a disease called Listeriosis. For a pregnant woman, it can cause flu like symptoms. But if the listeria is transmitted to your unborn baby, it may cause miscarriage or premature labor. Leftover and pre-packaged meals should be totally avoided because foods can contain Listeria if they are not stored properly. So say goodbye to those pre-packaged salads, sandwiches and leftovers which have been prepared in advance.

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