16 Aquarius Personality Traits

16 Aquarius Personality Traits

Those under the Aquarius zodiac sign are born during the period of January 20 to February 18. What they aim for is a better world and diligently work towards it. Aquarians are almost geniuses and keen on sharing their ideas with people. We give you 16 Aquarius personality traits.

1. They are born inventors, so any career involving invention, creativity and originality and one that gives abundant scope of independence interests them.

2. They are good counselors. They are good at solving problems and can help people in difficult situations.

3. They are humanitarian and philanthropic, and generally have a vision of making the world a better place to live in. Their endeavors tend to attract many like-minded people.

4. They are unprejudiced, and often detached and do not develop emotional attachment. They are more prone to freedom and independent lifestyle.

5. They often come across as eccentric and even people close to them hardly are able to understand them fully.

6. They are good at making friends and acquaintances.

7. They are emotional as far as relationships are concerned, but their emotions are sensuous.

8. They break hearts too much. They may be responsible for a number of heartbreaks.

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